I have been thinking a lot about my family, because I’m now counting down the days til I get to have some holiday time with them. My mom is at home working on the yearly family holiday cards, so I thought I would post this year’s family photo here. Enjoy!

I head to LA on Wednesday for a very exciting event: the opening of the first SplitsFiftyNine retail store! Until then, I am making the most of┬ámy last Tucson training for awhile. I’ve just had Heather Gollnick here for a little training camp for 11 days; I think we are both much more fit than we were 11 days ago, so the mission was accomplished. I am doing a bike focus in my training, while also swimming a lot. Today I finished a 40,000-meter swim week. I am feeling a bit like a real swimmer, but the irony of it is that when I was a real swimmer, I did about 70, 000 meters each week…


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